Corporate matters

Our objectives

The scientific team of C. MICHAS AEVE meat aims at:

  • minimizing health risks caused by contaminated or unsafe meat
  • Achieving the highest possible criteria of inspection and supervision by means of consultancy by official offices
  • Information and knowledge regarding food safety, hygiene and diet.
  • Optimizing dietary values concerning meat consumption
  • Minimizing the cost of any failure in meat hygiene
  • Customer satisfaction.

C. MICHAS AEVE meat uses and prepares for consumption only the best quality meat and always achieves the high standards demanded by its customers and therefore by the consumers. Our target is to produce goods that satisfy the needs of our customers. We apply new processes of continuous system improvement and prevention of non-compliance. The team of quality testing is always informed about advances in the field of food safety and the management encourages them to attend scientific seminars in Greece and abroad. .

Vision and Strategy

Both the starting point and the final objective of each and every activity in Michas Group are high quality and constant effort of optimization. On this journey, faith in our target, a great sense of responsibility and incessant search for the best constitute the means for the fulfillment of a vision

Όπλα μας είναι:
  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Single growth
  • Development of a group with integrated activities
  • Controlled growth rates
  • Efficiency increase

What you should know